just one minute

by erin

Welcome to my monthly "here's how you can help animals" post!

I would love to spend all of my time and money finding ways to help homeless, abused and neglected animals.  However, I'm short on both these days, but as I can't shut off my bleeding heart, I look for ways to help that are a) easy, and b) cheap.  Enter the Animal Rescue Site.

Just by going to their website and clicking on the big purple button, you're providing food and care to animals that desperately need it.  Literally, that's all it takes.  One click.  The funds are provided by sponsors who track the number of clicks, and for each one .6 bowls of food makes its way to an animal in need.  You can even subscribe to daily reminders, which will deliver a link directly to your inbox.  Click every day for a year and you'll provide 219 bowls of food!  You can also shop, send e-cards, and sign petitions on the site, all benefiting animals in need.

It doesn't get much easier than that!

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Jenny said...

You can bet your bippy I clicked! :-)

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