hi. I'm erin.

I am: a writer/blogger/lawyer from Minneapolis, Minnesota.
I'm lucky to have: my husband, cats, dog, sisters, parents, and friends.
I love: traveling, fashion, music, wine, cooking, and new experiences.
I'm passionate about: vegetarianism, animals, justice, equality, cupcakes and boy bands.

I created beauty:design:life in October 2008 for purely selfish reasons. I was inspired by the creative people and pretty things was encountering while I planned my wedding, and as a second year law student, I desperately needed a creative output.
beauty:design:life was born to showcase the things and people that inspired me on a daily basis. It has continually evolved since that first post, and although I am admittedly unsure of its ultimate destination, I love the path it is taking.

pretty things

Thank you for visiting my blog, and I hope you come back again soon!