Walk for Animals

by erin

Welcome to my monthly "here's how you can help animals" post!

One of my favorite summer activities is charity run/walk/bike events.  I've participated in the MS 150 for the past five or so years and, as bar exam prep is looking to get in the way of that this year, I've been looking for other events.  So I decided to sign up for the Minnesota Humane Society's Walk for Animals!

I'll be honest, a big motivator to participate in this walk was that I now have a pup, and he will just about die of happiness at spending that much time around so many people and other dogs.  But I urge you to sign up even if you don't have a dog to walk with.  It promises to be an easy, 5 mile walk, with contests and prizes and other fun activities.  And if you're currently lamenting this never-ending winter of ours (like me), the May 1 walk will be a great way to enjoy spring when it finally arrives!

The Animal Humane Society is a wonderful organization (it's where we got our two naughty kittens) that relies completely on adoption fees and fundraising for its funding.  The Humane Society cares for 35,000 animals each year - your donation can do so much good!

Want to walk?  Sign up here.
Can't make it but want to help me reach my fundraising goal?  You can do that here!
Many thanks to Jessica from Live the Fancy Life for being my first sponsor!


JBF said...

Yay! I just signed up for our WMCL team! My sister-in-law might join the team too. :)

erin louise said...

Yay Jamie! Are you going to bring your doggies? I'm sure they & Levi will be bffs. I'm trying to get my mom to sign up & bring her pup too. It should be a fun day!

Alison May said...

I will donate/be your sponsor or whatever. But you have to wait until I get paid! Let me know what's what, and I'm there.

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