furry family

by erin

One of my New Years' resolutions was to be more active in promoting the causes I'm passionate about.  One such cause is animal rights.  I am a pathetic bleeding heart when it comes to animals.  Every time I see or hear a story of an animal being mistreated, I imagine my kitties or pup suffering that abuse, and it usually becomes too much for me.  Those ASPCA commercials with Sarah McLachlan?  I turn them off immediately.  If I didn't, every cent I make (borrow from the government) would go to the ASPCA.

Levi in his festive Christmas sweater!
photo courtesy of Michele Jokinen

Through the power of social media (I really hate when people say that, but here we are), I've discovered quite a few easy and cheap (if not free) ways to help animals, and I'll be telling you about them, one a month throughout 2010.  It may not seem like much, but as my husband won't let me buy a house with a giant yard and adopt every dog on the Homeward Bound website, it will have to do for now.  Information is power, right?  Right.

fat cat in a little bag...
photo courtesy of Michele Jokinen

This month I'm focusing on Sarah Beth Photography's wonderful commitment to animals.  You might know Sarah from her work in the Minnesota Monthly pet issue - she shot the cover! - and if you don't follow her (newly redesigned) blog, you should.  She has an incredible ability to capture an animal, and I don't mean just to take a good photo of one (although she definitely does that).

photo courtesy of Sarah Beth Photography

And beyond being wonderfully talented, Sarah has a kind heart: 10% of every pet session she does during 2010 will go to an animal rescue, shelter, or advocate.  She's chosen a different recipient every month to spread the love around.  Additionally, if you adopt a pet from her rescue of the month, she'll give you half off a pet session with your new buddy. 
So if you've got a pet to show off, or are looking for a gift for your favorite animal lover, consider a pet session with Sarah, and give back through her!  For more information, contact Sarah Beth Photography.


JBF said...

i wish i had an extra $200 so i could get SB to do a session with my doggies!

Anonymous said...

Hmmm ... I wonder if either of my pups could stand still long enough to get some handsome photos ...

Traycina said...

This rescue: http://www.homeforlife.org/

I wish I could hug and cuddle and nurture each and every one of these animals (reading the profiles = a good way to cry away the day).

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