working nine to five

by erin

If all goes as planned, I will start working from home next month. I am SO excited for this for so many reasons, not the least of which is that I will be able to hang out with my animals all day (I seriously miss them when I'm gone) and, of course, that I'll get to stay in my sweatpants all day. I love sweatpants.

ANYWAY: I've talked before about how the kitchen was what sold us on the house. But that may have been an exaggeration. After we saw the kitchen and main floor, we were 90 percent sold on the house. And then I went upstairs and saw this (please ignore the bad photo quality):

This is the ceiling of the nonconforming bedroom: a huge map of the world, impeccably placed on the ceiling. When I saw this for the first time, I knew: this was our house. Because we are nothing if not total nerds who love history and geography and HUGE MAPS ON THE FREAKING CEILING.
related: when I was doing approximately 4083120 sit-ups every night in preparation for our wedding, I learned a lot about world geography. yep.

But despite its initial awesomeness, this room has given me trouble. It's small with one tiny window, the paint color and wall texture is a little weird, and there are french doors on one side of the room leading into our second bedroom. Here's another bad photo so you can see the doors and the paint:

See? Kind of difficult.

So now that I'll be working from home, I'm itching to make our office a little more user-friendly. I've spent the morning pinning gorgeous offices on Pinterest and lamenting the fact that my husband probably won't let me turn the room into a super-girly, bright-colored home office. But that's okay. I like a challenge.

A few of my inspiration photos:
I want to buy two off-white writing desks like this. Just big enough to fit our laptops, monitors, speakers, etc., but not so big that they overwhelm the room. We have a bookshelf and mini file cabinet that I'll need to work in somehow, too.

I definitely need to develop an organizational system like this. siiiigh.

After seeing this fabulous closet office, I shall never again complain about my office being too small.

I adore the nontraditional office chair in this bright, sunny workspace.

I've only started to think about possible office decor ideas, so expect more posts about this in the coming weeks. Hopefully with better 'before' pictures.

Do you have any office decor inspiration sites? I'm looking for ideas!


Anonymous said...

See Jane Work has great office supplies, not so much decor ideas, but it could help you with colors etc... as you purchase things for your organization. Can't wait to see the finished product!

erin said...

wow. I want to buy everything on See Jane Work! thank you!!

Robyn said...


Here's a site with some ideas!

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