by erin

One of my favorite iPhone apps is Instagram, which allows users to "filter" their iPhone photos to make them look all old-timey (technical term). But, as with any digital photo, it's a little annoying that those fabulous Instagram photos are only  viewable on my phone or online. Enter StickyGram.

StickyGram will turn your Instagram photos into cute lil magnets, approximately the same size as they appear on your iPhone. Stick them on your fridge, in your cube, or wherever there is a magnetic space! A pack of nine is only $14.99 (with free shipping) so they also make a perfect gift...especially for a certain red-haired blogger who has a birthday coming up next week...hint hint hint...

Check out the StickyGram website or blog for more info!


Ari- Audrey Onassis said...

I read this on my phone this morning, and then instantly (pun definitely intended) clicked over and downloaded the app. I think I was under the impression that it wasn't free? Weird. Anyway, I love it! Expect beaucoup Instagram pictures on my blog in the coming days.

Blue said...

These are adorable. What a great personalized decorating idea!!!

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