pretty cheap

by erin

Confession: I'm super cheap. Like, awkwardly, unattractively cheap. Maybe it's because I grew up in a family with a tight budget and a thrifty, coupon-cutting mom, maybe it's because I've spent 7 of the last 9 years in college, or maybe I'm just wired that way. Whatever the reason, I am always (literally, ALWAYS) thinking about ways to save money, and when faced with a choice between two items, I will choose the less expensive one 100% of the time. I can't help it - and usually, I'm kind of proud of it.

When it comes to beauty products, though, I have trouble. I know that the more expensive products are of higher quality, are usually better for me, and last longer (as is the case with my beloved Tarte cheek stain). However, might I remind you that I am SUPER CHEAP? It's a dilemma.

Enter eyes lips face and their ridiculously inexpensive products. With e.l.f. I've come to terms with spending more money elsewhere. I mean, if I'm getting bronzer for $1, I can spend a little more money on moisturizer, right? Right.

Here are my favorite e.l.f. products, all of which are a ridiculous $1. Yep, ONE DOLLAR. I know.

One of  these little guys doesn't necessarily last too long, but for $1, who cares?

I use this on the inner corners of my eyes - brightens them right up after a long night!

A great little shadow brush.
Pretty colors, pretty amazing staying power.

 If you've gone a little too long between brow waxes (guilty) this is simply necessary.

A handy little tool to keep nails healthy and lovely. Especially handy in harsh Minnesota winters.
 e.l.f. charges $7 or so for shipping, but check here and here for shipping deals and other coupon codes.

What's your favorite cheap beauty product?


Amanda said...

Love e.l.f.! I like their little eye make-up removing wipes too, I keep a pack on hand for traveling. Only $1 for 20 wipes, I think.

I've never bought online, but I know out here in California they sell e.l.f. @ Target! Not sure if they do in MN, but if so you could save yourself a few bucks! :)

PS - congrats on passing the Bar!

erin louise said...

I have seen some e.l.f. at Targets here, but only nail polish and lip gloss gift sets and things like that. I hope they expand it! You're lucky out there :)

(thank you!!!)

Krysten @ After 'I Do' said...


I know this is my first time on your blog but I think I may be in love with you. This is the greatest post ever!

P.S. I'm hosting a MN/WI blogger get together next month. If you'd like info, please feel free to drop by my blog and let me know!

Alison said...

The have e.l.f. in the Targets down here in TX too. Like all of it! Just one more reason why you NEED to move here! Or at least visit more often! I miss you sister!

MaryBeth said...

I just bought 15 items from e.l.f. during thier spend $15/free shipping offer (sign up for e-mails and get tid-bits like that).

I was really impressed. Favorites were the zit zapper, all over cover stick, lip plumper (one side is plump the other is gloss)and face shimmer (I use it on my eyes before I put on shadow).

Great post, Erin.

viswa said...

I Like Nail Polish,really great,nice collection of makeup kits,thanks..

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