by erin

One of my favorite beauty products is Tarte's cheek stain.

courtesy of tarte.com

I first discovered it a couple of years ago at Henri Bendel in New York (a salesperson told me their newest color would look fabulous on me, and really, who was I to argue with that?).

Tarte's cheek stains (and many of their products) are actually good for you: alcohol-free so won't dry out your skin, and oil-free so won't clog your pores.  Additionally, they are free of parabens, synthetic dyes, and other toxic things that are found in most makeup.  And the packaging is recyclable!

 The colors appear really bright, but they go on sheer.  I use the color below ("tipsy" - hilarious, right?) and it gives me a pretty flush, like I just went for a jog (if I was one of those people who get a pretty flush when they jog, instead of turning into a sweaty mess like I really do).

courtesy of amazon.com 

To add a little extra shimmer, put this highlighting cream on the blush stick before applying.

courtesy of tarte.com

These cheek stains aren't cheap - they're currently selling for $30 on the Tarte website.  But I've had mine for almost three years, and it's not even half gone.  It's an good investment to make. 

get cheeky at Tarte.com, or for a wider selection of colors, Sephora.com


Anonymous said...

I'd like to try a cheek stain sometime, but I wear mineral foundation. Are the two compatible? I always assumed a cheek stain would make my powder foundation a hot mess.

erin louise said...

That's a good question, Heidi - I use cream foundation so I'm not actually sure! I would go into Sephora or something and try it out!

melissa oholendt said...

So to answer Heidi's question - I use Bare Minerals and the Tarte cheek stain and they work flawlessly together. In fact...generally the Tarte stays longer than my mineral stuff.

ANYWAY - I LOVE TARTE TIPSY. Like whoa. Love it. I think you and I have the same skin tone and you're so right! Like I just went jogging...in heaven...where I wouldn't sweat. And get red from my head to my toes.

Anonymous said...

Oh, God, after that description, I'm totally checking this out. I generally use ELF mineral blushes for a pretty flush. They're a weeeeee bit shimmery and blend really well and give me a nice flush, but I've always wanted to find a good stain, too. And a good lip stain, too! I'm definitely checking this out.

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