You guys, I was about ready to give up on Glee. It felt so different, and so forced, and it made me SO SAD. And then last night happened.

"Duets" was funny, touching, borderline inappropriate, and I loved every second. I will be joining Rachel of Gleehab in her new Kurt-based religion, because he is easily my favorite character on the show. I also adore Mercedes, Quinn, and, of course, Brittany.

I had a lot of trouble picking this week's song because pretty much every number was glorious, but I chose Mercedes and Santana's "River Deep, Mountain High" based solely on their fabulousness.

Runners-up include Kurt's BRILLIANT "Le Jazz Hot", Quinn and Sam's "Lucky", and Mike Chang (he talked!) and Tina's "Sing!".
Also, Rachel and Kurt's "Happy Days Are Here Again/Get Happy" was really lovely - What Would Emma Pillsbury Wear has the original Barbra Streisand/Judy Garland version, and Glee did an amazing job of recreating it.

Yay, Glee! Glee kids hooray!


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