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by erin

It appears that I've come to a crossroads. (Tangentially funny: when I searched "crossroads" on weheartit, all the results were pictures of that award-winning, beautifully acted Britney Spears film of a few years back. Which, of course, I love.) I've been at my new job for about a month now. And while I am SO enjoying the fact that my life is no longer ruled by law school, I'm having trouble adjusting.

 there is no reason for this picture except that I think it's funny.

I've never really had a real job. I was in college, and then I had internships, and then I worked retail, and then I was in law school, so this 9-5 thing is all kinds of new for me. And it's been hard. This can be evidenced by the fact that I rolled into work at about 9:45 this morning in a ratty sweater and jeans after staying up too late last night eating leftover chinese food and watching Criminal Minds reruns. I mean, really? 

Right now, my bedroom is still in the process of being painted, which means that my house is still a mess, and I feel all kinds of chaotic. I'm tired all the time, and I feel like I never accomplish everything I want to, either at work or at home, and frankly, it's overwhelming.

So my question to you, people who are successfully navigating adulthood: how do you achieve work-life balance?


JBF said...

ahahaha, you think the rest of us are successfully navigating adulthood?? :) seriously though, i found in the past that it really helped to be able to leave work at work so that when i came home, i could truly focus on myself and my family. it probably made some people think i wasn't the best employee ever but figure out what your priorities are and then live that way (i think lots of people will say their family is the most important thing but then they make decisions that don't reflect that). good luck!!

Traycina said...

I just typed a whole big giant comment and then lost it. HRMPFH.

When I started at Cole's, they gave me the book Life's Greatest Lessons: 20 Things That Matter by Hal Urban, and I found it to be the most wonderful, positive, motivating kick-start to my new career. It's made me happier and more fulfilled, but also helped me identify challenges that I face and ways I need to improve to truly be happy and successful and accomplished, both personally and professionally.

I will lend you mine, which is already highlighted all pretty :-) but I really suggest you pick up your own copy, mark up the pages and favorite quotes, and revisit it every year or so for continued guidance.

My favorite quote from the book: "And remember, the best season of your life can be ahead of you, no matter your age or circumstances."

Jessica said...

It is soooo hard! I joined the world of the 9 to 5 ers a few years back and had a really hard time adjusting as well. I'm still not adjusted. A few things that help me deal:
1. wake up earlier than you think you need to so you never feel late and always have time for a big cup of coffee.
2. Take a lunch break and do things you have to do like pay bills, shop online, send cards, plan parties etc... so that you don't have to do those things at night.
3. If possible, stick to strict work hours that allows you to leave at a very reasonable time and don't work more than 40 hours unless it is absolutely necessary.
4. Make friends at work who you can complain with and walk with and happy hour with!
5. Let some stuff go. Maybe your house won't be as perfectly polished or your yard will look bad or you eat out a little too much because you don't have time to grocery shop, but just let something go. You CAN'T do it all.
6. Realize that no one is doing it really well and if they are, they are probably miserable inside or at home.


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