the break-up

by erin

Recently, I decided to try Cover Girl's new NatureLuxe foundation. I made this decision NOT because Taylor Swift is the spokesperson, but because I was looking for a new foundation, I liked the packaging, and, mostly, because I found a ton of coupons that made it basically free (extreme couponing, here I come).

I used it during the end of winter and "spring", and I liked it. It went on smooth, it didn't look cakey, and my skin seemed happy. All was well, I was pleased, T.Swift had done her job and sold me the foundation.
But then summer hit, and with it came humidity. And my once functional, if not fantastic, foundation began to fail me. Like, I was an oil slick by 10 am failure.

Yesterday, sick of being so damn shiny and disgusting, I hit my limit, and I broke up with NatureLuxe. Sorry, foundation. It's not me, it's you. And now I'm in the market for a new foundation. Again. Help?


Hannah said...

Check this out via Beauty Bets! http://www.beautybets.com/2011/06/were-freaking-out-over-this-natural-foundation/

Hannah's recommendations are always spot on =) Good luck!

JBF said...

I use Clinique and have been happy with it. I use both liquid (for work days) and the pressed powder (for weekends) and it never feels like i have anything on. Let us know what you decide!

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