by erin

I came across this video today. It shows a dog sitting amidst the rubble in Japan. The dog is shaking; he is dirty, tired, hungry and scared. However, he refuses to leave the area to find food or to get help. Why? Because his friend, another dog, has been injured by the tsunami and is unable to walk. So the dog is staying there, with his friend, until they both are able to leave.

This is why you should care about the animal rescue efforts in Japan. They are amazing creatures, with more depth, loyalty and humanity than some humans seem to have. They are hurt and scared, and they are relying on us to help them when they can't help themselves (or their friends).


melissa oholendt said...

I can't watch the video at the moment but that is ok because pretty sure I'll cry my eyes out. I will never get over how perceptive Gunnar is; he knows when I'm down, he knows when I'm up, he knows just when to cuddle and when to put his nose in my lap. The depth of dogs is outstounding.

a girl said...

oh my word. i'm w/melissa - just the thought of this doggie makes me cry. =( you have such a sweet heart for these animals... thanks for inspiring me.

JBF said...

:( I once heard a story on MPR about how dogs have a higher emotional intelligence than any other animal, even dolphins, pigs, chimps, etc when it comes to empathy.

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