Friday Favorites

by erin

a few things I'm loving this week...

1. YOU.
As of this morning, I have received 21 amazing comments that qualify for cash for comments. I've decided to double my donation, which means that I'll be donating $42 to the American Humane Association's Japan Relief Fund. My sweet father is going to match my contribution, which means we're up to $84. And that is truly, truly amazing. 
But we're not done yet - keep commenting until 5 p.m. today! And check out the fabulous Ari, who is taking comments for donations until Sunday evening.

 Levi and Murphy say "woof!" which I'm pretty sure means "thank you!"

2. The Lucky Dog Rescue Blog
I swear, I'm going to stop with the heartbreaking animal stuff after this week. But first I have to feature this blog. The woman behind it rescues animals on "death row", rehabilitates and cares for them, and gives them a new life with a new family. So, basically, she is my hero. Her blog is a tear-jerker, but it is also incredibly inspiring. Check it out.

3. Adele
Have you downloaded "21" yet? If not, go do it. Now. I'll wait.
See? It's amazing, right? It's sassy and soulful and catchy, and she is so, so talented, right?

have a good weekend!


Katie said...

I didn't think it could happen, but I LOVE 21 even more than 19!!! Adele is absolutely amazing. My fav so far is "Someone Like You".

Katie said...

Oh, and when did you guys get Murphy?

erin louise said...

Murphy is my parents' dog. He and Levi spend a lot of time together so they're good buddies :)

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