winter wonderland

by erin

In case you missed it (lucky), Minneapolis/St. Paul got a ridiculous amount of snow this weekend, averaging around 17 inches. Yep, you read that: almost a foot and a half of snow, in approximately 24 hours. It meant that the city pretty much went to sleep, as Minneapolitans literally had no other choice than to stay home and wait out the storm. Stores and restaurants closed, buses stopped running, and the thought of driving a car was laughable.

my street, several hours into the snow

Being a relative homebody, I was ALL ABOUT the storm. From what I gathered on twitter, other locals planned for the storm, with Christmas gifts to wrap and ingredients for holiday baking. But Ryan and I? Not so much. We barely even had any food in the house, let alone any special ingredients. So our weekend consisted of wine, Netflix Instant, decorating our Christmas tree, shoveling (lots and lots of shoveling), and some much-needed time at home doing absolutely nothing.

The one downside of the snow (aside from the fact that the cities are still a mess and driving is still relatively terrifying) is that we had to miss out on what promised to be a fun holiday party on Saturday night. Our predicament reminded me of this song from my new favorite Christmas album:

Yep, me and J.Lo.Hew lead identical lives.


Ari- Audrey Onassis said...

I live in Arizona, so I've never had a snow day. I'm jealous of your great excuse to stay in!

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