Friday Favorites

by erin

A few of my (current) favorite things...
Isn't this adorable? Old Navy has a bunch of other to-die coats, and they're all on sale this week!

crappy pop songs
I've never pretended to have good taste in music. But now that I have a commute, I spend more time in my car than ever before, and I've become obsessed with a few deliciously shameful pop songs, i.e. "Just The Way You Are", "Teenage Dream", "I Like It", "Just a Dream", etc. Unfortunately I could go on and on and on.

and speaking of my commute...
I know this is totally weird, but I kind of love it. I cross the Mendota Bridge, from which I have a lovely view of Minneapolis and St. Paul and both pretty downtowns. And in lieu of sitting on the always-backed-up crosstown on the way home, I scoot off the freeway and drive along Lake Nokomis Parkway.

So instead of driving in this:

I drive by this.
A definite improvement, don't you think?

Have a lovely weekend!


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