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by erin

Not too long ago, I was asked to fill in this blank: "people who like ______ will like my blog". It didn't take me long to come up with an answer: pretty things. A lazy response, yes, but also an accurate one. I love all things pretty, so by extension, I also love all people who bring the pretty into my life.

Jenna of the lovely Eat Drink Pretty is one of those people.

I first intermet Jenna when I was planning my wedding and spent far too much time on a local wedding message board. Jenna got married about 8 months before I did, and I vividly remember the day she posted the photos of her gorgeous, elegant winter wedding - it was the first winter wedding I had seen that made me regret my decision to plan for summer!

A few months after I got married, when I was still frequenting the message boards, Jenna posted looking for a few real weddings to feature on Eat Drink Pretty.  I sent her mine (see my feature here), added her blog to my reader, and became hooked. Eat Drink Pretty features real weddings, showers, and parties, as well as recipes, decorating, and entertaining tips. Jenna has a full time job and posts every weekday, which means she is an inspiration to me in more ways than one.

I recently contacted Jenna and asked if I could feature her on b:d:l, to which she very graciously agreed. Read on to learn about her inspirations, goals, and best party planning tips. And be sure to add Eat Drink Pretty to your must-read blogs! 

What was the motivation behind the creation of Eat Drink Pretty? 
I created Eat Drink Pretty in April 2009 as a creative outlet for my passion of party planning, entertaining and cooking.  I wanted to use the blog as a way to share recipes and tips.  I was also a huge consumer of blogs, everything from weddings blogs, food blogs and party planning blogs and thought having my own blog would be a great way to document the kitchen successes and parties I hosted.

 an adorable vintage car-themed party table recently featured on Eat Drink Pretty

How has your blog changed since its creation?  What are your plans for its future?
Eat Drink Pretty has changed a lot since its creation.  It’s gone through a couple different designs and I’ve now landed on something that I absolutely love.  The content has evolved to include more real parties and entertaining.  The food and baking aspect of the blog has decreased but I hope it’s not that way forever.  I just need to find more time to spend in the kitchen!

a few of Jenna's recent kitchen creations. for more delicious recipes, visit her recipe index!

I plan to continue Eat Drink Pretty as long as I continue to feel passionate about it and have the time to devote to it (it is quite time-consuming!).  I love my full time job working in advertising so I don’t have any plans to make this a full time career. 

What has been your favorite blog post?
My favorite blog post ever was the Eat Drink Pretty dessert table I designed for my blogiversary last May.  It was a vision that I was able to bring to life with the help of some great vendors and a lot of time and effort.  Seeing the end result and receiving all the amazing feedback made it so worth it.  Plus, it was featured on one of my favorite blogs, Style Me Pretty

so much pretty. the Eat Drink Pretty dessert table!

I still receive a lot emails that this post provided many of my readers with inspiration for upcoming parties, weddings, events, etc.  I even had someone say that post made their day.  Sometimes it’s those little things that fuel my passion for this blog.

Where do you come up with inspiration for your parties/designs/decor?
I get inspiration from entertaining/party/wedding blogs such as Hostess Blog, The Sweetest Occasion, The Party Dress and The Tom Kat Studio.  Food blogs are also a great place for inspiration; Tartelette blog, Canelle Et Vanille and Tartine Gourmand, just to name a few.  Sometimes all it takes is seeing a gorgeous photo of a tomato goat cheese tart and I have details for my next brunch gathering spinning around in my head.

I also find a lot of inspiration at the farmers' market.  I like to stroll around taking photos of the gorgeous wild flowers and picture them in mason jars for the next bridal shower I'm hosting. 

a recently featured autumn desert table

What are a few of your best party-throwing tips?
When you decide to throw a party, it’s never too early to begin planning!  Stressing out at the last minute is the worst!  Also, enlist the help of others.  That’s one thing I’ve had to learn over time, being ok with accepting other’s help or asking for it.  If people offer to bring an appetizer or contribute by bringing wine, say yes!

Create impact by choosing one element and going crazy with it.  It can be a color, peacock feathers, lace, etc, but just make sure to include it with every aspect of the party.  My younger sister recently got married and she went with baby's breath as her flower.  Baby's breath isn't that impressive when paired with other flowers but it's gorgeous on it's own and in volume.

 Gorgeous baby's breath bouquets

Be a great hostess.  As soon as guests arrive, greet them and ask them if they would like a drink.  Guests with a cocktail are usually happy guests.  And don't forget to pour one for yourself!   Just because you are the host doesn't mean you can't have fun.

Is there anything else you'd like readers to know?
One very important thing I’d love my readers to know is how much I appreciate them.  Their comments, emails, Twitter mentions and Facebook comments make my day and I read each and every one. 

I love, more than anything, hearing that I’ve provided inspiration in some way.  That is ultimately the goal of this blog, to provide inspiration and to help people realize it can come from anywhere.  I want to help make party planning, entertaining, or even getting into the kitchen to try a new recipe, accessible.  If I can do it so can you! 


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Flower is beautiful part of enviourment.Every one likes their sweets smell.
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great feature! i love babies breath! created some great arrangements with limes for a pink and green party!

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I love Erin's blog; she is an inspiration. What a fun feature!

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GREAT ideas for the floral decorations here, I would have NEVER thought of that, so classy and original and what a pop of color! Thank you for sharing!

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