Last night was the much anticipated Glee Britney Spears episode, complete with cameos from B.Spears herself. I was SO! EXCITED! for this episode - my friends and I literally jumped up and down during the promos for this week.

But I have a confession:
I didn't really love this episode.

I know! What's wrong with me? I love Glee, I love Britney, and it should have been a no-brainer, right? I do have to give serious props to Heather Morris (Brittany S. Pierce! I die!) for her amazing dancing and always hilarious delivery. She is easily my favorite character on the show.

I think I wasn't too impressed because the plot was basically nonexistent, and Britney's cameos were kind of odd, and some of the song arrangements weren't great. I hate to be too hard on the lack of plot, because Glee being fluffy and unrealistic is part of its appeal, but it was just a little too crazy for me last night. And Rachel, who I love unfailingly, is getting on my nerves. 

I had a lot of trouble selecting my favorite song this week, I think because I didn't really love any of them. But I pretty much died laughing when Artie's anesthesia-induced fantasy involved an all-male version of "Stronger", complete with Finn's terrible, terrible dancing. So that is my pick.

Okay, and Toxic was pretty awesome too.

What did you think of last night's episode? Am I crazy for being underwhelmed?


JBF said...

Totally agree! The "plot" this week was, well, weak. Plus I didn't understand why Mr. Schu hated Britney so much.

If you take the choreography into account, I agree that "Stronger" was the week's highlight (love Artie's "ba-by" at 30 sec. in).

PS - Brit's first album coming out 11 YEARS AGO makes me feel so old.

Callie V said...

I was slightly disappointed but the final Toxic rendition totally saved it for me!!! (Let's face it, most of Glee episodes are pretty weak on the plot).
Love your pick! Stronger is my favorite Britney song of all time :)
Love all the posts! Keep it up!!!

Callie V

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