Friday Favorites

by erin

My new phone!
This shiny new LG Ally was my "I got a job!" gift to myself.  I'm having so much fun with it.  How did I last this long without a smart phone?  I really have no idea.

The Emmys Opening
The season premiere of Glee is on September 21, which is still a depressing 3 weeks away.  So imagine my delight when the Emmys opened with a Glee sketch, complete with singing, dancing, Sue Sylvester, and slushies to the face.  If you haven't seen it yet, you must. 

Paper Doll
Since I've known my pal Kelley, I've been in awe of her ability to find unique and creative paper designs from all corners of the internet.  She's started a blog cataloging these finds (and, as a freelance graphic designer, she promises to put some of her own lovely work up as well).  Definitely a must-see!

Studio Mela
Many months ago, I blogged about Studio Mela's inspiring, positive prints.  Imagine my delight (and my credit card's pain) when I swung onto etsy to buy one for my new cubicle and found several new prints for sale!

 I must have this for my kitchen. MUST. 
If you prefer to see before you buy, Minneapolitans can also get Studio Mela's work at i like you.

Happy Friday!


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