happy little nest

by erin

Sometimes, in the busy-ness and stress of everyday life, it's nice to have something that reminds you to stop, slow down, and enjoy the simple things.  Everything will work itself out.

Studio Mela, a one-woman shop based out of Minneapolis, creates work based on its motto: Surround Yourself in Positivity.  It's difficult to stay in a bad mood when you've got one of these hopeful prints hanging on the wall.


Each piece is unique and handmade.

With bright colors and endearingly childlike graphics and text, it's hard not to love these prints.  And with most averaging $20, they're affordable - they'd be a great gift!

I'm definitely getting this one for my first office as a reminder of the kind of attorney (and person!) I want to be.

To get a print for your own happy little nest, visit Studio Mela's website or etsy shop.


Sarah Von said...

I lovelovelove her work! I've been coveting her french0fry bird print forever and I never knew she was a fellow twin city-ian!

Anonymous said...

Erin your blog entries come at just the right time! I love love love these prints!! :-) -kiz

Beauty Bets said...

I'm so happy to see Studio Mela get some love - she is so talented. I have a french fry print in my home office and it is the perfect place for the sweet sentiment.

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