Friday Favorites

by erin

Happy Friday!

(photo from weheartit)

I'm sorry for the lack of posts as of late.  I know I promised more when I finished the bar exam, but truthfully, I've been struggling with my blog identity and lack of inspiration lately.  I've been doing more freelancing and other various writing while I job-hunt and at the end of the day, my own little blog is neglected.  I've been thinking about how to make my blog a priority and I have some new ideas.  But more on that later.

This is the first in a weekly series: basically, my favorite things as of that minute.  Sure, it seems like I'm just being lazy on Fridays (okay, so that's part of it) but there is other motivation.  When I find things that I really love, whether I'm the first to discover it or tragically late to the game, I get unnaturally excited about it and want to tell everyone I know.  To spare my family, friends, and twitter followers, I'm going to share these things here.

You've probably heard it in the ads for Eat, Pray, Love.  I went to download it not realizing that I owned it as part of the [500] Days of Summer soundtrack.  If you love the song, too, do yourself a favor and download the whole 500 Days soundtrack - it is quite lovely.

So You Think You Can Dance
This season has been over for a week now, and I can't stop thinking about a few of the dances, such as Billy Bell's Mad World and Robert's Fix You.  It was an amazing season (and I'm a total nerd)!

This has long been one of my favorite blogs; now its author has given it was she calls "a small cosmetic surgery, the equivalent of calf implants".  The redesign includes a section exclusively devoted to photos of the author in things like stonewashed jeans, and to contrast, a section devoted to her gorgeous DIY wedding (long ago I featured her invitations here).  It is a hilarious and lovely blog, and I highly recommend it.

Duluth (or more specifically, its water)
Last weekend, Ryan and I went up north to celebrate our one year anniversary (related: holy crap! a year already?!) and I took approximately 20138 photos of the St. Louis River and Lake Superior.  I'm planning a full post on our amazing trip but here's a preview.

sigh.  I want to go to there.

Have a lovely weekend!
xoxo, erin


JBF said...

I completely agree with 3 out of 4 things on your list (the other one, I was completely unaware of but am adding it to my blog list). :) I've been struggling with my blog too - good luck!

Amanda said...

I love the 500 days of summer soundtrack! :)

PaperDollMN said...

Sigh ... you're awesome. That's all.

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