Give and Get

by erin

I don't know about you, but when I want to do something I probably shouldn't (such as go on a shopping spree when I can't really afford it), it takes very little for me to justify such bad behavior.  So when a program such as Gap's Give and Get comes along, I'm all over it.

Give and Get is an event put on by the Gap family of brands every few months, during which Gap cardholders (like yours truly) get an email allowing them to select from a handful of charities and send 30% off coupons to family, friends, and social networks.  When those coupons are used, 5% of the amount spent will be donated to the selected charity.

While all of the available charities are worthy causes, I always try to choose the most animal-centric one.  This time, I picked the World Wildlife Fund.  WWF is an environmental charity, working to protect nature and animals around the world, as well as to promote sustainability and more efficient use of resources.

To use my coupon, get great deals on the newest fall fashions at Gap, Banana Republic, and Old Navy, and to donate to the WWF at the same time (win-win, right?), click here:
But hurry - the coupon is only good THIS WEEKEND!!

The link above will take you to an in-store only coupon, but if you want one that you can also use online, I have about 30 left that I can email - so leave your email address in the comments or email me at beautydesignlife@gmail.com.

Happy shopping!


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