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Welcome to my second "here's how you can help animals" post for May!

Animals are often the 'gateway drug' in domestic abuse situations: abusers use animals to threaten and intimidate their eventual human victims.  The majority of these victims (and animal owners in general) consider their pets more family than property, so they will stay in the abusive situation to protect their pet, often leading to disastrous results for both.
The Minnesota legislature was on its way to pass a bill including animals in domestic violence orders for protection, but never quite got there.  However, the senate passed the bill by a huge majority, leading to the conclusion that it will pass in the relatively near future (cross fingers).

Which leads us to PAWS.
 It is wonderful that more state legislatures are adding protection for animals into domestic violence statutes, but there is still a huge logistical program.  Only two battered women's shelters in Minnesota allow women to bring pets with them, and when you consider the women that are fleeing to stay with family and friends who don't have the space or ability to take animals,  it becomes obvious that there is a great need for placement of animal victims of domestic violence.  The majority of human victims simply will not leave when they know they are leaving their pet to be a victim of abuse.  Therefore, additional shelters would lead to greater protection for animals and humans alike.

PAWS gives grants to shelters to establish or grow programs providing for the housing and care of such animals.  Right now, PAWS is working toward a $250,000 grant from Pepsi's Refresh Project.  But it ends in FIVE DAYS and THEY NEED VOTES.
You can connect with your facebook account - it just takes a minute!
Vote every day and tell your friends!!
And after you vote for PAWS, here are a few other suggestions (you get 10 votes per day):


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