My family likes wine.  A LOT.  So we thought it was only natural to incorporate wine corks into our wedding reception, because it fits us, and because, as we drink a lot of wine, we have tons of them saved up.  So we fashioned table number stands out of corks!
I don't have a great picture of the stands, but see the upper right corner behind the fish food (my mom's friends, who are angels and helped set up our reception, surprised us with goldfish at the head table. Don't worry, they went home with my cousins - no unnecessary flushing for those fishies!). We superglued 10 corks into a pyramid shape, glued a strand of ribbon around them to make them a little fancier and to ensure they'd stay together, and stuck a clip in the top.  Instant (and cheap!) table number stand!

As awesome as our cork stands were, I wish I had seen these before the wedding.
Wine bottle table number holders!  GENIUS!  These can be found at etsy seller Stamped With Flair's shop.  If you're getting married soon, it is a safe assumption that your wine consumption has greatly increased, so start saving those bottles!


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