I've been in the market for some artwork for my kitchen and dining room.  I'm not sure exactly what I'm looking for, but I know I want something unique, colorful, and pretty.  Intense qualifications, right?

I found Leslie Thomson's work and knew this was exactly what I was looking for.  Her photography is beautiful, full of rich colors, and so light and dreamy.

Here are a few of my favorites:

Leslie is currently running a sale in her etsy shop: any two 5 inch photos for $15 or three for $20, and any two 8 inch photos for $30 or three for $45.  A steal for some beautiful art!


Jessica said...

WOW! I am feeling so torn on what to do with my kitchen between yesterday's amazing recommendations on my blog and your post today. I LOVE these. I especially love all of the fruit ones -raspberry and oranges. So vibrant.

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