by erin

When Glee premiered last spring, it was love at first sight for me.  The singing and dancing brought back fond childhood memories, the music was perfect, the characters were unique and likable, the themes relatable, and it was smart, moderately offensive, and funny.  Sue Sylvester is quite possibly the best character in the history of television.  But I digress.

One of my favorite characters on the show is Emma, the guidance counselor and (SPOILER!) eventual love interest of adorable Will Schuester once he finally ditches that crazypants wife of his.  I love Emma for her OCD, her always perfectly done red hair, and her wise words of advice whenever anyone is in a bind.  But most of all, I love her clothes.  She is grandma chic at its very best, and she is always flawless.

courtesy of Haute Habit

Emma loves to dress in monotone, but she always does it well.  In the above photo, nothing is the exact same shade of yellow, so as to avoid looking like a banana.  The mustard color of her skirt contrasts perfectly with the pale lemon shirt and butter colored cardigan.

And the cardigans.  Oh my, the cardigans.
courtesy of tvfanatic

courtesy of tvfanatic

courtesy of Bead Up

Emma's look wouldn't be complete without some fabulous accessories.  She loves her chunky jewelry and broaches, most with a jeweled flower.

courtesy of Bead Up
And when she came out of the fitting room in her wedding dress, I was speechless.  So beautiful and perfectly her (which is what every bride needs, right?).


Needless to say, I am counting down the days to April and new episodes of Glee!


Anonymous said...

I can't wait for Glee to come back.

JBF said...

totally agree - i want emma's cardigans!

melissa oholendt said...

I seriously cannot wait. Thinking we need to have a big get together for the season finale this year... Oh Glee. How I LOVE YOU.

SMorriso said...

I always thought you and Emma had the same graceful qualities. She is a stunner!

She is definitely one of my favorite characters. I have even gone so far as to clean my grapes with her OCD methods. haha.

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