Childhood should have character! 
Spring Chicken Number Four from RileyCo

That's the slogan of etsy shop RileyCo, which specializes in stuffed animals and toys for children (and grownups, too, as the artist states in her shop description).  These little guys are adorable, and so unique - definitely not something you'll find in your local Toys'R'Us!  

Rag-Tag Raccoon from RileyCo

Each has its own fun name, too, such as Sean the Shy Love Skunk or Peter the Pampered Porcupine.  They would make a perfect baby shower or new baby gift!

Mortimer the Pocket Mouse from RileyCo

Everything in RileyCo's shop is made from upcycled material and handcrafted in the most eco-friendly manner possible, so your new toy is good for the earth, too.

Jack the Blue Checked Bunny from RileyCo

See more adorable creations at Riley Construction's etsy shop!


Laura Ivanova said...

Too cute! I love great Etsy finds! :-)

Anonymous said...

LOVE THESE! They would make a fun gift for a baby shower. Thanks Erin!

JBF said...

so cute! just wish there were some in the shape of puppies. :)

Heather @ Side of Sneakers said...

Those are so cute!! especially the little bird :)

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