Scarf Style

by erin

Keeping with the (apparent) theme of easy and inexpensive ways to step up my style, today I'm going to focus on scarves.  If I had a uniform, it would be a basic top, jeans, flats or boots, and a brightly colored or patterned scarf tied ever-so-effortlessly around my neck.  Easy, cozy, cheap.

A perfect example is the lovely Rachel Bilson:
photo courtesy of splendicity.com

Rachel isn't doing anything groundbreaking here: she's basically dressed like a waiter, with her black pants and white shirt, right?  But the bright yellow of the scarf (along with the cut of her pants, her sunglasses, and all-around stylishness) definitely elevates what would be a plain, unmemorable outfit.  Instead, this photo is all over the Internet.

Here are a few scarves I found at a variety of price points.  Buy a few and mix it up!

Old Navy - $10
I love Old Navy for their basics, like long sleeve Ts, sweaters, and flops, of course.  They have a ton of great scarves at even better prices.
Old Navy - $12.50 and $14.50

My favorite place to shop as of late is Ann Taylor Loft.  I love that the clothes manage to be both trendy and classic, perfect for a future lawyer like myself.  They have a great selection of scarves, as well.
Loft - $14.88 (via Shop It To Me) and $34.50

Want a yellow scarf like Ms. Bilson?  Check out Banana Republic for a similar look in soft cashmere.
Banana - $70 

And for a brighter look, check out Overstock.com.
Yesec via Overstock - $11.59

The options are really endless!  If you're having trouble justifying this purchase, do what I do, and use the seemingly never-ending winter as an excuse to buy a few new "necessary" accessories.  I mean, you have to stay warm, right?


lightning said...

so true - scarves rock! I definitely use the "it's really frickin' cold" excuse for buying more scarves. I'd also suggest Target for good, cheap options. :)

Lisa said...

love scarves!! It truly is an easy way to dress up and style an otherwise plain outfit.

melissa oholendt said...

Oooooo - thank you! I've been looking for some square shaped scarves and NICE price too!

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