things I want

by erin

a skinny black belt

this lovely coat tree

or perhaps this one

an adorable closet like this

this gorgeous pile of pearls

bamboo tea box

'love conquers all' - to hold my wedding rings

and this ceramic egg crate to hold the rest of my jewelry

the new Imogen Heap

adorable cashmere dress

and lovely riding boots

photos from bluefly.com, coatracks.com (x2), unknown, anntaylor.com, cookware.com, palomasnest.etsy.com, younghouselove.com, imogenheap.com, bluefly.com, endless.com


Anonymous said...

Oooh, I like those boots!

Anonymous said...

I simply adore that closet! How cool!

erin louise said...

it should be noted that I went out and got the tea box this weekend. it's adorable.

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