we'll see you tomorrow night!

by erin

Last night was an incredible night.  An intense, stressful, wonderful night.  In 12 passionate innings, the Metrodome showed its magic and unwillingness to let the Minnesota Twins go just yet.  And it doesn't have to, because the Twins came from behind twice to beat the Detroit Tigers in the one-game playoff for the AL Central Division Championship.

I've loved the Twins since I was a little girl.  I remember going to Twins games with my dad, with my little blue glove, telling him that I was going to grow up and be the first 'girl Twin'.  I remember watching the 1991 World Series.  And when Ryan and I began dating, some of our first dates were 2006 playoff games.  I have so many good memories of both the team and the dome.  So last night's victory was bittersweet - but definitely more sweet than bitter.

Tonight the Twins play the f'ing Yankees, and although they aren't favored to win, I think they can do it.  I know they can.  They'll play games three and four back in Minnesota, and I know the Metrodome magic can work again.

(photos courtesy of the Star Tribune)


Anonymous said...

Best. Game. Ever.

Sucks they didn't win tonight, but I think they can win the next two!

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