my lip gloss be poppin

by erin

Anyone who knows me knows that I have few great loves in my life.  My fiance, my sisters, my cats, Junior Mints, shoes, and of course, lip gloss.  It has become a fun game for my friends to guess how many lip glosses I have in my purse/pockets/car/school bag/bodily cavities (okay, ew, forget I said that) at one time.  To give you an idea, it usually falls in the 3 to 8 range.  I just really, REALLY love lip gloss, and as a result, I have tried a LOT of different brands.  I thought I might share my Lip Gloss Expertise because hey, I'm feeling generous.  and I just love them that much.

All-Time Favorite: Victoria's Secret Beauty Rush.  I like any flavor but Strawberry Fizz (I was lucky enough to work there when we launched its matching lotion and after spending several days inhaling the strawberry fizz-scented burning oil, it pretty much makes me want to die).  My favorites are Melonrageous (you bet, with the witty names) and Plumstruck (which they no longer make - tear! - so if you ever find it on ebay please let me know immediately).  Seriously, this stuff = my crack.  I haven't worked at VS for 1.5 years and I just went in a couple of months ago to restock.  That's how much I bought during the time I spent there.  CRACK.

Daily Necessity: Beauty Rush Minty Lip Balm.  As I put this on every night before I go to sleep, I was devastated when they discontinued it - or so I thought!  Turns out they were just redoing the packaging.  I got a few new tins last week and life has been bliss ever since.  aaaahhhhh.

Tarte Double-Ended Lip Gloss: I discovered this when I stumbled into Henri Bendel when I was in New York a couple of years ago.  I must say, I was initially drawn by the cute names (they're all famous couples, i.e. Elle and Emmett, Ferris and Sloane) but they are really great colors and they stay on for a long time (for a lip gloss).  Plus the tubes snap apart so you can mix and match.  Elle and Ferris, WHOA!  You rebel!

Tarte 24-7: oookay, so not technically a lip gloss.  But a great little lip balm with a lot of great, neutral colors.  Love!

eyeslipsface Super Glossy Lip Shine: I branched out and ordered some of this last summer.  It's not as long-lasting as others I've tried, but the color is more intense than your standard gloss.  So I like it for that reason.  Plus it's super cheap.

and the classic...Lip Smackers!  Yes, I'm being serious.  I used these until I was oh, 21 or so.  No joke.  They will always hold a special place in my heart.


amsold428 said...

Our singular difference in taste: Strawberry Fizz lip gloss. It's my favorite! How weird!

By the way my word verification is ovalited. which spell check says is not a word. Just though you should know that other people are making up new words that I don't get! My life sucks!

Traycina said...

You love lip gloss.

Ali, word verifications are almost always NON words. Duh.

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