For the last three months or so, I have been on a never-ending quest, one which has tested my patience and resolve, and which has caused me no small amount of anguish.  Oh yes, you know the quest I am talking about.  You know it well.  It is the great Quest to Find Cute Winter Boots Which Are Also Functional and Not Too Expensive.

This quest sucks.

Because while the rest of the world has been drooling over Uggs, I have been searching across state lines (aka Minnesota and North Dakota) for boots that don't make me look like a sea creature.  Is it too much to ask, world?  All I want is (faux) fur-lined boots with a rubber wedge, preferably in tan, although at this point I am willing to concede that requirement.  DO THEY EXIST?

No.  Apparently they do not.

So I may have to settle for one of these.  And by "settle for" I mean "love forever" because these are all really freaking cute.

London Fog "Wales"
from Piperlime

Pink Suede "Meta"
from Endless

Rockport "Gregale"
from Endless

Sporto "Gojo"
from Zappos

Sporto "June"
from Zappos


Don't call me Kat said...

I LOOOOVE the black quilted Rockports!!

Once A Bride said...

those are all really cute! living in colorado, finding cute winter boots has been pretty much a part-time job, seeing as uggs are pretty much the go-to.

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