an open love letter

by erin

Dear St. Paul,
I am really going to miss you.

I haven't told you this yet but I am leaving you in 3 short days. Moving across the river to your lesser twin, Minneapolis. I didn't want to have to do this but unfortunately you need to work on making your real estate more affordable. But I digress.

I love so much about you, St. Paul. If you recall, I have lived in probably the greatest two neighborhoods you have to offer: Lowertown and Selby/Dale. Lowertown had an amazing dual life: it had so much to offer (LoTo, Mears Park, the Farmer's Market, the Black Dog Cafe) and it was so close to all the downtown haps (the Xcel, the Ordway, and patio at Great Waters), but it was so quiet on weekends. Our little apartment was lovely and I adored it there.
After moving to Selby/Dale, we learned about a whole new neighborhood. I grew to love Sweeney's, Mississippi Market, L'Atelier Couture, A Piece of Cake, The Happy Gnome, and Nina's. Our lives were changed forever when the Grand Avenue Punch opened. And attending school on Summit and Victoria, I am often found, cupcake in hand (mouth?) at Cafe Latte.

The moral of the story, St. Paul, is that I'm sure there are places in Minneapolis that compare to some of these. Maybe even some that are better. But I'm so in love with you that it'll have to be something incredible. Maybe I'm stubborn, I don't know. But maybe you really are that amazing. I think that's it.

You will always be my first love, St. Paul. Don't forget about me.



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