old? check. new? check.

by erin

Being a busy bride-to-be/law student, I try to multi-task in everything I do.  So when my mom asked me what I was going to do for my old/new/borrowed/blue at my wedding, I immediately started thinking of ways I could take care of this 'requirement' with as little work as possible (I'm definitely a lazy bride - I prefer, say, sleeping to stressing about out-of-date traditions).  So when I ran across Bel Canto Designs on Etsy, I was thrilled.  Bel Canto restores vintage jewelry to make beautiful, unique pieces that are primarily for bridal-wear.  I think they're so lovely, however, I plan on wearing the one I eventually purchase as often as possible.
So thank you, Bel Canto, for taking care of my old and new.  Now on to that borrowed and blue...

Bel Canto specializes in combs.  This one is really exquisite.

Some darling little hairpins.

A gorgeous necklace.

and a bracelet I MUST HAVE.

You can find these pieces and many more at Bel Canto's Etsy shop.


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