I don't have a lot of vivid memories from my childhood, which I guess is kind of sad.  But it's also a little strange, because I have these totally random snapshots that have somehow survived in my overstuffed brain until just shy of 25 1/2.  I'm not kidding, I remember totally weird things.  One of them is from when 90210 first aired, before my dad forbade us from watching it (he walked in during the episode when Brenda gave Dylan her v-card, and that was the end of that, never mind that I had zero idea what any of it meant), and Brenda was lamenting moving from Minnesota to Beverly Hills because that meant she had to stay in shape year-round.  Specifically, she talked about how in MN she could cover up the results of her holiday eating with a big, chunky sweater.  Well, Brenda, I feel you.  It is way too cold in winter to do anything but sit on your couch and eat cookies.  So that is why I am thrilled that big, long, grandpa-esque sweaters have come into style this year.  Not to mention that they are really freakin' cute.

I actually have this one...I love layering, so I wear it over a long-sleeved white tee.

Another example of my affinity for layering

I love the blue color on this one, and it is extra-chunky for hiding the evidence of your boozy-eggnog fueled binge.

This would be great for the coldest day...or, you know, any day.

I have a vest similar to this one and I love it.

this shape is very modern, but still so comfortable.

(all photos courtesy of target.com.)


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