hey santa, hey santa...

by erin

Dear Santa,
YOU ARE AWESOME.  Thank you for all of the new geek-tastic toys which will provide me with endless entertainment while I am spending the next three or four months trapped in my house due to the City of St. Paul's incompetence at plowing.  Also, and not sure if you are the right one to thank on this, but I will anyway - I am very appreciative of making it to Fargo alive despite every road in Eastern MN being a skating rink.  Again, you're super.

I was completely shocked to get this - a new 22" widescreen monitor.  It will help with my two writing classes this spring (blurg) and also to simultaneously check facebook, gofugyourself, the bloggess, and twitter, to watch gossip girl online, and to send email.  YESSS.

my new setup.  holy technology, batman!

new comfy chair to sit in while wasting time in aforementioned ways.

new ipod dock - completely portable with a rechargeable battery!  (bad pic, I know)

and the kitties, just because they're cute.


Don't call me Kat said...

Sweet monitor! More space for your lil electronic sticky notes :-) Glad you're well equipped for your battle against life-suckage.

P.S. Thanks for having my blog open ;-)

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