an apple a day...

by erin

Anyone who knows me knows that I LOVE MAC.  I love my macbook, I love my ipod, I would commit a felony for an iphone, I could spend hours in my local Apple store just thinking about where to place the imac that I will one day own.    It will be mine, oh yes...it will be mine.

So when Apple revealed its new macbooks a few months back, I died a little inside.  Don't get me wrong, I adore my little white macbook almost as much as I love, say, lip gloss (which is a LOT), but the thought of a spankin' new, shiny silver, made-of-one-piece, glass-trackpad macbook put me into a Mac-induced stupor right in the middle of whatever class I was not paying attention in at that moment.

Seriously...which are you?  This is an important decision, you know.  I am currently the 13".  I one day aspire to be the 17".  DROOL.

I hate to say this (endless apologies, Papa Jobs) but I am not so much a fan of the black screen background with the silver everything else.  I mean, I get the point, I'm just not sure it works out.  Keep working on it, please...I would like this remedied by the time I am able to afford one of these in 2010, or whenever I can convince my parents/fiance/friends/neighbor/cats that IWILLDIEWITHOUTONEOFTHENEWMACBOOKSOMGOMGOMG.

Check out that trackpad.  NO BUTTON.  You can click anywhere.  GENIUS.

Extreme closeup!!
(all photos courtesy of apple.com)

The new macbooks have a lot of great technical innovations and whatnot, I'm sure.  However, I pretty much love the macbooks just for their looks.  Call me shallow.  I am perfectly okay with that.

p.s.  I simply can't post this unabashed Mac love-fest without giving a shout-out to the Apple store in the Barton Springs mall in Austin, Texas.  Despite me being a week and a half outside the warranty from the new parts I got the last time I effed up my computer, they gave me a new keyboard (along with working 'delete' and '4' keys) for FREE on the day after Thanksgiving.  And they did it SUPER NICELY even though there were 389230174014 in their store and it was about as many degrees in there.  Seriously.

p.p.s. if I have not mentioned this yet, I love Mac.  My Christmas list consists of four Apple products and earmuffs.

p.p.p.s. and for those of you paying attention, yes, I did just use two Wayne's World quotes in the same post.  My first post, nonetheless.  Party on!

p.p.p.p.s. okay, now I'm at three.


alyssawajoshywa said...

I luff you and your cool blog.

Anonymous said...

You're funny. I'm so out of touch with "mac" products and everything Apple. It depresses me a little.

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