hey mr postman!

by erin

If you're like me, you have good intentions that are usually overcome by bad habits. Meaning: I love to give to charity and volunteer. But I am very, very lazy, and will usually only do things that require the smallest amount of effort on my part. It's not an attractive characteristic, I know. I'm working on it.

Anyway! Tomorrow is a day that seems specifically designed for people like me: the 19th annual National Association of Letter Carriers Food Drive. This is a day when postal workers across the country take food donations for local food shelves. It is an event specifically designed for lazy people like me: all you have to do is set a bag of nonperishable food items next to your mailbox. Perfect!
I love this event, and I already have a bag of food ready to go. Don't forget to set out a bag tomorrow morning - and thank your postal worker for participating in this awesome initiative!


Krysten @ After 'I Do' said...

Dang, I missed it! I'm bummed!

Lucky for me some weekends we're allowed to wear jeans at work if we bring in stuff for the food shelf so I always clear out my pantry. Half the time I don't end up wearing jeans anyway, I just like donating lol.

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