at ease

by erin

Hello, friends!
Sorry for the lack of posts as of late. I realized last week that blogging has become somewhat of a chore for me. I mean, I blog for my job, so the 8+ hours I already spend writing every day pretty much taps my creative reserves. When the sight of a blank blogger page started making me want to throw things, I knew that I needed a break.
So I've challenged myself to only blog when I'm feeling truly inspired by someone or something. This might mean less posts, but hopefully each of them will be more interesting and not just full of whatever half-assed blabbery I could come up with at that moment.

When I started college, my intention was to be a music teacher. However, after a year of intensive music classes, I got bored and decided to move on to the thriving journalism industry (smart move, eh?). During my one year, however, I learned so much. One of the best memories I have is from my freshman music theory class: my teacher put this song on, turned the lights off, and told us to really, really listen. It was the first time a song truly blew me away. It's one of the most hauntingly beautiful pieces of music I've ever heard, and it's one of my favorite songs to this day.

I was flipping through my iPod yesterday and came upon it. I literally stopped what I was doing and listened to all eight minutes of it. I recommend that you do the same.

Adagio for Strings by Samuel Barber

This song has been in tons of movies, so you've likely heard it before. It's just perfect, isn't it?


Amanda said...

how funny...my first major in college was music ed too! I only lasted half a semester, though, before I switched to political science. I quickly realized that while music had been pretty much my entire life for 10 years before college, I couldn't turn my hobby into my career.
Thanks for sharing this! :)

(and I understand about the blogging...I took over 6 months off entirely!)

Ari- Audrey Onassis said...

I'll miss reading your words regularly, but I'm glad that you're switching things up, too, so blogging won't become a burden. :)

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