up north

by erin

One of the things that Ryan and I were most looking forward to once we finally had a dual-income household was being able to travel more. Or, I guess, to travel more without the constant gut-wrenching feeling that OMG WE'RE SPENDING TOO MUCH MONEY.

Last weekend we took advantage of my newly-acquired vacation time (it's like I'm a real adult or something!) and went up north to Lutsen and Duluth to go skiing and sit in front of fireplaces and drink wine and basically do nothing. Mission accomplished.

Our cozy condo at Lutsen Resort

The resort was on the shore of Lake Superior and at the foot of the beautiful Lutsen Mountain. It had been a long time since I'd been that far north in winter, and although it was cold, it was beautiful.

I still haven't decided if choosing Lutsen for our first ski experience in 10 years made us brave or stupid. We didn't die or even fall down, so I'm going with brave.

We attempted this hill one time before heading back to the bunny hill area of the mountain. It seems a lot steeper when you're on skis hurtling towards your death. I promise.


Ari- Audrey Onassis said...

These pictures are beautiful. It looks like you truly had a winter wonderland vacation.

(Can you tell that I've been reading your posts all week but haven't had time to comment until the weekend? Haha.)

melissa oholendt said...

Wait. This is what Northern MN looks like? FOR REALS???

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