soup week!

by erin

Happy Wednesday, friends!

I have to make a confession: winter is totally getting the best of me. Minnesota's been in this continual cycle where it is either freezing (like, 10 degree high temps) or snowing (with a tropical 25 degree high) and I am already so freaking tired of it. Combine that with my complete fear/hatred of driving in snow and my (self-diagnosed) seasonal affective disorder, and you have an unhappy girl. And it is only January. Sigh.

I wish I could be as happy about the snow as she is. (source)

So after spending a few weeks moping around my house and whining about the weather, I decided that I need a project. Enter: SOUP WEEK
During the winter, I basically live off soup. Healthy, easy to make, delicious, and warm for those freezing nights. It's my perfect winter comfort food. So all next week I'll be having my own little soup week here on b:d:l, during which I'll be sharing some of my favorite delicious soup recipes!

I really do. (source)

I would love to feature some of your recipes during soup week, so if you have any good ones, please send them (and a picture if possible) to beautydesignlife at gmail dot com.

And stay tuned: tomorrow I'll be giving you a sneak preview of soup week with the recipe for my homemade veggie broth!


Jenny K. said...

I love soup. Soup soup soup. I love dipping crusty bread into thick soup. Delish.

Anonymous said...

"So after spending a few weeks moping around my house and whining about the weather"... This is totally me right now! Ahhhh... Minnesota in January.

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