At this point during last night's show I tried to tweet my feelings about this song and the episode. I failed. I could barely form a sentence.

This is why:

Um, HI, adorable a capella boys choir. So nice to meet you. Please never leave my life.

Here is the full song:

Last night's episode was ridiculous, in the best possible way. I can't really write about it yet because I haven't fully processed it. I'm definitely going to watch this one again. What I will say is that I LOVE KURT (and Chris Colfer), I loved both mashups, and I have a total crush on Kurt's new man-friend. Did I mention that I love Kurt?


Traycina said...

I hate this song, actually, but LOVE this version! It's easily in my top three Glee songs. I beamed like Kurt did while watching, because I loved everything about this scene - him, the choir, the choreography, the boys....

Mugdha said...

I saw you had a Glee tag and immediately had to read it and basically have fallen completely and totally in love with your blog. Kurt's easily my favorite on the show too and I'm so glad to see him happy (not to mention Blaine is a cutie)!

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