rain, rain, go away

by erin

We're in the middle of a dreary, rainy week here in the Twin Cities, and it's less than motivating. Days like these make me want to never leave my warm, cozy bed. However, as that is not really an option, I need to find some way to motivate myself to go out into the rain and be a functional member of society. An excellent way for making this happen, I've found, is by putting on my brightest clothes. Of course, coffee helps too.

Some fun, bright rain gear for your morning, whether it be dreary or otherwise:

pretty bright pink at Land's End

gorgeous purple (or is it blue?) at Patagonia

fun green flowers at Land's End

sunny yellow Michael Kors

stylish red at London Fog

heavy duty rain wear at Patagonia

Stay dry, kids!


Huma said...

OMG I love the London Fog coat - the red one. So pretty! I always say that one of the best ways to add more color to your wardrobe is to accessorize with it (scarves, belts, shoes) but also to get a coat in that color. I realized two years ago that I had NO canary yellow in my wardrobe, which was a shame because I look good in that color, so I got a knee length yellow belted military-style peacoat from Victoria's Secret and I loved it. And now I want THAT coat. :( Too bad I already have more coats than I need.

My favorite colorful rain gear, though, HAS to be rain boots. I LOVE THEM SO MUCH. Mine are boring grey/black, but it's about time to replace them, so I think I'll buy these canary yellow ones with red apples on them. I'll look ridiculous and even more like a 12 year old, but that doesn't matter. :)

erin louise said...

It was difficult to find a good yellow coat anywhere online, which really surprised me. I mean, a bright yellow rain coat...kind of a standard, I thought?

And I am definitely going to write a post about rain boots! Thanks for the idea! :)

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