Etsy is a wonderful way to buy local, boosting your local economy while reducing the impact on the environment.  I start with Minneapolis when I browse Etsy (shop your city here), and as was the case today, I usually have no need to branch out to find something lovely.

Today's Etsy Seller Spotlight is on The Wheatfield by Katie Daisy, hailing from, you guessed it, Minneapolis.  Katie calls upon her farm upbringing and love for the outdoors for inspiration, creating beautiful nature-inspired prints.  But if you hate country decor as much as I do, don't fret - the colors and design keep these from veering into country kitcshiness.

A few of my favorites:

Katie also has a series of prints declaring love for various U.S. locales, titled "Wander the States".  A perfect gift idea!
Neighbors Minnesota and Wisconsin

Opposites Alaska and Texas

and my love of all loves, New York.

To see more of Katie's lovely work, visit her Etsy shop or her website.


dognbird said...

I love this shop. The watercolor flower ampersand is amazing!

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