travel essentials

by erin

I took this picture yesterday during my layover in the Denver airport while en route to Austin, where I'm spending a few days visiting my sisters, drinking too many margaritas, shopping, and eating tacos.

I have a few things I must have when I travel:
  • reusable coffee sleeve and a few packets of Stevia in case I need a coffee run
  • iPod, preferably playing John Mayer
  • blotting papers (necessary after a couple of hours on a plane!)
  • Burt's Bees chapstick and Tarte lip stain
  • hand sanitizer and Aveda Hand Relief to cover up the hand sanitizer smell
What are your travel essentials?
I'll be back in a few days to share a few of my Austin favorites, just in time for South by Southwest!


JBF said...

i second the Aveda Hand Relief and hand sanitizer! i always bring earplugs, fruit leather, and an eyemask for longer trips.

melissa oholendt said...

Mmmmm, my travel essentials (after being stuck in the airport for 8 hours) are Fresh Sugar chapstick, my laptop and earphones, a pashmina (doubles as a pillow and a blanket), and my camera (for photos on the moving walkway...oh yes...)

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