music man

by erin

I created this blog to memorialize the people, things, and creations I encountered that inspired me at any given point in my life.  Since then, it has evolved into something more, which is 100% fine with me.  I'm always making an effort, however, to remain true to the original purpose: to share things that are inspiring in the hopes that they will inspire someone else.

Throughout my life, the one thing that has never changed for me is my love of music.  I've always loved to sing, I adore performing, and many of my greatest memories involve me, a stage, and a microphone.  Although I no longer sing on a regular basis (aside from my regular car concerts while driving to and from school), often music is still the only way I know how to express myself.  I am a huge fan of music and always have been: from Mariah Carey on cassette tape when I was young, to my Hanson obsession and the boy band years, to my current love of a genre I call Boys With Guitars, I always have music on, there is always something new (or new to me) I am obsessed with, and I still cherish the feeling when you find that song that expresses exactly how you are feeling at that exact moment.  Music inspires me intensely, and always will.

Last week, I went to the John Mayer concert with my lovely mom.  I got tickets for the two of us as a Christmas present to her (and me) and we had been looking forward to it for months.  The night started out amazingly, as we went up to our crappy but all-I-could-afford nosebleed seats and were told that we were being relocated.  From section 206 to section 101.  Yes please!
looking at our former section - way up there in the corner - from our new section right next to the stage

The opening act was Michael Franti and Spearhead.  Didn't thrill me.  And then it was time for John!
His first song was Heartbreak Warfare, which is my all-time favorite JM song, and I'm not ashamed to tell you that I cried through the entire thing.  Soon after, he played Why Georgia, my other favorite, and again, I cried.  There's something about his songs that resonate so strongly with me.

A lot is said about John in the press and on gossip websites, so it's easy to forget that underneath all of the drama and the famous girlfriends and the interviews, he is a really, really talented musician.
and I love him.  It was a wonderful, inspiring night.


JBF said...

now that i know you are not afraid to sing in front of people, i think we may need to plan a law school karaoke outing. :) also, I am a somewhat closeted JM fan - love, love, love Continuum.

erin louise said...

I am actually not a big karaoke fan, which is weird, I know. But I'd be up for it :)
And if you like Continuum, you should download Battle Studies (or I can just give it to you). I feel like he gets better with every album and Battle Studies is so, so good.

Kate said...

I <3 JM. Seriously. Amazing show...amazing musician. (You didn't like Franti?? Oh, I had a BALL rocking out to his music. Shoulda been there in Milwaukee when the fire alarm was going off during his set...) :)

Sorry we missed each other at the show. We should make a Mayer date next tour! (You aren't going to the Chicago show, perchance, are you?

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