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by erin

When I asked my dad what he wanted for Christmas, all he said was "to spend more time with you."  (I know, right?  Too adorable!)  So I began thinking of potential gifts that entailed more togetherness.  My dad and I have a lot in common: Fighting Sioux hockey, gadgets, alphabetizing, biking, music, road rage, list-making, and beer, to name a few.

Naturally, I decided to focus on beer.

photo courtesy of greatwatersbc.com

I had recently received an email from Great Waters Brewing Company detailing their new 'MBA' program.  Basically, you get to drink a lot of beer for cheap.  Um, hello!  So a few weeks go, my dad and I went and signed up.  I hadn't been there in awhile, and it reminded me how much I love the place.

When Ryan and I lived in Lowertown, we spent many an evening at Great Waters.  It was our favorite bar for many reasons - within walking distance of our apartment, an amazing location with an even better patio, a great beer selection, and happy hour on Friday nights.  Win-win, right?

photo courtesy of captainsbeerblog.com

Great Waters is located in one of my favorite parts of downtown St. Paul - the historic Hamm building on St. Peter and 7th Place.  They have a gorgeous patio in the courtyard - it's such a great location that Ryan and I actually decided to move to downtown St. Paul while we were sitting on that patio.  It's within walking distance to the best of St. Paul, like the Ordway and the Xcel Energy Center.

the Great Waters patio, courtesy of stpaulcvb.org

And, of course, there's the beer.  Sigh.  The beer.

Basically, I love downtown St. Paul and everything about it.  Great Waters is no exception.


amsold428 said...

I started my new austin blog, check it out when you need a break from studying! love you!

Anonymous said...

Love your new blog header. AND I love Great Waters! Great beer, even better onion rings.

erin louise said...

ooh, I've never tried their onion rings...putting that on my to do list!

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