design dilemma

by erin

When Ryan and I made the big house purchase, we were lucky to find one that had been updated and renovated but that had managed to retain its 100-year-old charm.  Yet, part of that charm is small rooms with less-than-desirable floor plans.  Our bedroom is just such a room - with the door into the room on one wall, closets on walls two and three, and a giant radiator on the fourth, there was barely enough room for our bed, let alone for nightstands or other decor.  So finding a way to make the space work for us took a little creativity.

Enter Crate and Barrel and the Archetype Wall Box.  We have a fairly ridiculous amount of picture frames, candles, and the like, so I threw a few of these on our gift registry, thinking that they would be good 'filler' for our big empty walls (most of which I'm still working on filling).  Yet when we got and assembled them, I realized they were the answer to my bedroom dilemma.

We hung three of them horizontally over our bed, creating a faux-headboard with plenty of storage space for my lip gloss and lotion, removing the need for nightstands and creating a pretty fancy look in the process, in my opinion. Win-win!

the finished product.

(puggle in christmas sweater not included)


Amanda said...

Those are great!

Alison said...

Levi looks extra special in that picture! (like eat the paste special) It makes me love him even more!

Jamie BF said...

ooh, i love this idea (and the puggle)!

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