In all of my crazy obsessive wedding planning, I was slightly ashamed to admit that I had NO IDEA what I was going to get for my bridesmaids until mere weeks (okay, days) before the wedding.  I knew I didn't want to get them anything monogrammed (bridesmaids ALWAYS get monogrammed crap) but I still wanted their gifts to be personal.  So I turned to etsy (as any good bride does in the midst of a planning conundrum), and when I found XOHandiworks (another MN seller!), I knew I had found the perfect gift.  They sell handmade magnets, buttons, and pendants made from vintage and recycled maps, dictionaries, and board games, and as they'll easily customize an order for you, their products are a unique, personal, and inexpensive gift.

I got my bridesmaids these magnets, customized with maps of their hometowns, which was incredible, because some of them come from really small towns (Bottineau, ND and Medford, WI, for example).  I loved watching the girls open their gifts and discover their hometowns - the magnets got rave reviews.

bridesmaids Katie (Eagan, MN) and Kelcey (Beulah, ND) comparing magnets

XOHandiworks also makes square magnets:

and map pendants.  These would be wonderful gifts to remember a honeymoon or other once-in-a-lifetime vacation.

They also make keychains and pendants from Scrabble letters!  If you're a nerd like me who always dominates at Scrabble (which I am and I DO), you love things like this.
E for Erin?  I think so...

To see these and the many other products, visit XOHandiwork's etsy shop, or if you're in the upper Midwest, visit one of the shops that carry their goods.
(all photos courtesy of XOHandiworks)


Lindsay said...

oh that is such a great gift idea!! I may have to use that idea for birthdays!!

Jessica F. said...

Genius, Erin! We should've talked more. I struggled too and my gifts were not nearly as creative or cool as yours!

K said...

Love. Want.

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