etsy seller spotlight: jenn ski

by erin

This week's etsy seller was chosen when, lacking in any real inspiration, I began flipping through the "time machine", where etsy lists its most recent additions.  Nothing really caught my eye until  I came across the bright colors and bold prints of Jenn Ski - and fell in love.

Jenn's shop is full of retro-inspired (yet still modern) prints and accessories.  She is an artist out of New Hampshire who has become very successful since graduating from college in 2005 - she even has a scrapbooking line at Michael's!

These would be perfect for a child's room - spell our her name!

and for your room, easy wall decor - put pods on the wall!

perfect housewarming gifts:

send a darling greeting card:

and carry your groceries in this retro tote:

I love everything about this shop - the colors, the designs, the retro feel.  If you want to see more, check out Jenn's shop.  She also keeps a blog with her latest design inspirations.

(all photos courtesy of Jenn Ski)


Jessica F. said...

Good stuff! I didn't realize you do a weekly etsy seller. Can't wait to read those. Etsy is fab, but sometimes too big to find the best sellers. Thanks Erin!

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