dress it up

by erin

I'm all about dresses this summer. It's so much easier to throw on a dress in the morning than to put together an outfit with several different pieces. Plus, they're more comfortable than sweatpants. Yeah I said it.
So when I got an email from the Limited advertising dresses at 30 percent off, I knew it was time to go dress shopping (again). 
Cute dresses? Win. Cute dresses on sale? Super win.
I love everything about this dress: the pleats, the color-blocking, the appliques, everything.

This is a pretty perfect work dress.

I love the neckline.

This dress mixes several different trends - safari, military (from one angle it looks like an old-timey war nurse's uniform), structured. And then there's the bow. Love, love, love.

And this is just adorable.

Which is your favorite? Are you rocking dresses this summer?


Robyn said...

Hi Erin,
I hope you are following this blog:


Robyn said...

oh, and my favorite one from the pictures above is the teal one!

erin louise said...

Yes, I actually blame Summer of Dresses for my dress obsession...ha. It's a great blog!

Linh said...

I am ALL about dresses and love them for the same reasons as you. Found a SUPER cute dress just like the 2nd to last one but in a different color and can't wait to wear it :)

Ari- Audrey Onassis said...

Ooh, the first one is definitely my fave. (At first, I typed "face". That dress is certainly NOT my face.")

Obaging said...

I like all of the dresses that you featured, but I am everything for the last one. It is vibrant and fun, youthful yet can be really elegant as well. I wish I can have that one for myself.

Jessica said...

Forgot to tell you how much this inspired me (with my post-baby body) to get out and try a few on for a wedding this weekend. I ended up buying the top one. It hides all kinds of things! :) Thanks lady!

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